About me

Hi! I’m Jon! I am passionate about teaching and learning, about technology, about design and about Jesus. I can spend literally hours talking about these things, so be careful if I corner you! I guess that a lot of what I write on this blog will reflect the things I love, so if you want to subscribe to the blog or follow me on twitter you can get instant updates! My details are also on my google profile page.

I am married to Jane, we’ve lived in Coventry since our Uni days. We’ve got a little boy, Nathaniel, who was born in 2011.

I’m Head of ICT at Dame Elizabeth Cadbury Technology College in Bournville. I’ve previously taught in Tamworth and Solihull as well as taking a year out to study for an MA in Theology.

I am a member of Canley Community Church – I am involved with planning and leading worship services and even teaching. I’m excited to help people start to understand Jesus a bit more, and know him for themselves.

I love to design things – websites, posters, workbooks, whatever. I use Ubuntu linux whenever I’m not at school. I also love taking photos with my Olympus DSLR – they’re on flickr for you to flick through!


  • wow! great to meet you bro!

    rock on man.

  • beccy pratt

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyy sirrr 🙂 LOL

  • beccy

    heyyy 🙂

  • Hi There Jon!

    I sense you have a need or love for pens, am I right? Anyway I am currently tracking down teachers to show them our range mint multi-function pens and i ran across your blog. Nice work on your part:-)

    If you get bored take a look at our pens for teachers or more accurately put multi-function pens! http://www.jmpennifeather.co.uk/view.php?item_id=41

    All the best,

    J M Pennifeather

  • Georgie Flaherty

    hi sir, its georgie flaherty from your yr 7 form group at arden. we really miss you and want you to come back and visit us !!! we constantly talk about you and remember all the good times e.g LOST THE GAME. please come back and visit us at our prom – may 12th

  • Matt

    Hey Jon,

    I’m a Lutheran pastor in Australia who loves your work.
    I love the metanarratives posts and fully agree.
    Keep up the great and very helpful work.

    Matt Thiele.
    Immanuel Lutheran Church Buderim Queensland

  • george

    Philosophy student from Kansas here, and I love your posts. Please talk more about metanarratives and how you see your Christian faith in postmodernity (I studied Lyotard and others this last year in Aesthetics!).

  • Uzair

    Hi Jon