Resurrection Isn’t Easy

The resurrection accounts in the gospels may not perfectly match each other in every detail, but a very human detail rings true from each: no one expected that it wasn’t all over. What we call Holy Saturday was the Sabbath of Passover, was the day that the women waited, unable to do anything, unable to […]

Good Friday Reflections – the Way of the Cross

Today is Good Friday when as Christians we reflect on the day when Jesus was killed. At Canley Community Church, we are reflecting on this day by following the story of that day through scripture readings, images and other media. For Jews of Jesus time (and today), a day starts in the evening and ends […]

Gethsemane, Presence and Prayer

This evening we were reflecting on Gethsemane in our housegroup, thinking about the visceral reality of the moment as it is depicted by Matthew. A short paragraph from the notes helped me to summarise what I thought about it (though in a kind of opposite way!) There are at least 2 potential resources Jesus was drawing on […]

Undying Love?

It’s funny the things that stick in my head and prompt me to write a blog post. Take yesterday for example: just a couple of words from a prayer in an open time of worship at church. The lady thanked Jesus for his “undying love” for us and promised her undying love in return. Now […]