A Year in Essays: Dissertation – Transforming Apologetics

Here it is. The big one – I know at least a few of you have been waiting to have a chance to read this, I hope you find it as interesting to read as it was to write. Despite the unassuming title, the subtitle gives away the potential controversy in the content of the […]

Rob Bell and Origen

I’m progressing well with the dissertation, over 15 thousand words written. Here’s a paragraph (with footnotes) that I enjoyed writing, and I hope throws a little light on what I think Rob Bell is trying to do. Bell’s reference to Origen is especially interesting. Origen appears at times to have taught universalism, while at other […]

Rob Bell – is Agnosticism next to Heresy?

I travelled into London for “An Evening with Rob Bell”, organised by Greenbelt. I tweeted a few things while I was there and I’ll stick them all at the bottom of this post. One question and the responses have stuck in my mind particularly. I was chuckling along as Bell avoided “pinning his colours to […]

My Dissertation – Love Wins

The big ‘Christian’ story of 2011 so far has been the release of Love Wins, Rob Bell’s new book. Twitter followers (@jonrogersuk) will have seen my tweets from each chapter, which are all below. No doubt there’ll be loads more things for me to blog about the book and my responses to it since my […]