Tip: How I avoid losing screws when fixing computers

I replaced the screen on Jane’s netbook today after a little accident. Sometimes the screws from a little task like this get chucked in a bowl or left lying on the desk, but today I realised a much better way of keeping track of them all. I cut a strip of wide masking tape and […]

Fixing OpenOffice scrollbars with the Elementary theme

The Elementary theme I have on Ubuntu is beautiful. I now have the right scrollbars on Chromium and I wondered when I’d get OpenOffice fixed. A little google-fu and the inbuilt translator of Chromium dug up a post on Argentinan site Soft-Libre. The solution is really simple, but messes up the theme. DanRabbit is correct […]

Fixing the gnome panel in Ubuntu

I installed Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) ages ago but never got round to using the restricted drivers. Well, it just worked OK, so I figured leave it. Today I tried them – installation was fine, no problem, and moving the two screens around in the Monitors tool worked fine, except I ended up with the […]

Logitech MX Revolution on Ubuntu Lucid 10.04

The first beta for the latest Ubuntu is out, so I’m running it already. Aside from the strange window controls, it seems good so far. One of my first tasks was to make my gorgeous Logitech MX Revolution mouse work properly. Out of the box is… almost, just one little thing to solve – the […]

Technologies of 2009

Well, it’s the end of 2009 and I have some favourite technologies and applications to share with you. Obviously these are my opinions and based a lot on what I’ve had the chance to experience and use. Most of these are for personal use, but I’ve stuck in one category for educational use. See what […]

Buzan’s iMindMap on Ubuntu (64 bit)

When I switched to the 64-bit version of Ubuntu Karmic (9.10), one of the few apps that didn’t follow me over was Buzan’s iMindMap – quite simply the greatest mindmapping software on the planet. Shoddy support, but  awesome software – unless you try to use it on a 64-bit OS. I cracked the puzzle – […]