St Paul gatecrashes Remembrance Sunday

If St Paul arrived in London this morning, he might start his sermon like this: “I can see that you are a very superstitious nation, that you worship an ‘unknown warrior’. He was one among millions Whose lives were spent defending ‘king and country’, Spent for a home and an empire that passed away. Let […]

Ending on a Cliff-hanger

As I discussed in my last post, Marks Gospel ends in a strange way, with the women fleeing the empty tomb in bewilderment and fear. What happens next? It’s the ultimate cliff-hanger ending. Mark 16:8 is the last verse of the in the oldest manuscripts. Our Bibles have some follow up verses, but they’re very […]

Resurrection Isn’t Easy

The resurrection accounts in the gospels may not perfectly match each other in every detail, but a very human detail rings true from each: no one expected that it wasn’t all over. What we call Holy Saturday was the Sabbath of Passover, was the day that the women waited, unable to do anything, unable to […]

Resurrection and Nietzsche go to Church

Today is Resurrection Sunday – Jesus is alive and we’re just barely beginning to understand what that means and how it touches our lives. I didn’t hear much of today’s sermon, thanks to Little Rogers, but the text from Luke 24 got me thinking – “He is not here, he is risen”. Yesterday was Holy Saturday, […]