St Paul gatecrashes Remembrance Sunday

poppyIf St Paul arrived in London this morning, he might start his sermon like this:

“I can see that you are a very superstitious nation,
that you worship an ‘unknown warrior’.

He was one among millions
Whose lives were spent defending ‘king and country’,
Spent for a home and an empire that passed away.

Let me tell you about a warrior who did it all differently,
A soldier who is not unknown.
He took his place in a struggle of epic, cosmic proportions.
He volunteered for a mission that could have only one ending.
He found himself alone and dying, deserted by all his comrades.
He went bravely into battle, yet refused to bear arms.
He would not fight back when they hit him.
He would not answer to their taunts.

This warrior conquered by submitting,
brought life by dying,
won victory by accepting complete defeat.
His battle brought lasting peace.

This warrior is worthy of our remembrance
His death gives us the chance to live,
To share in his resurrection life.”