for WordPress Twitter Tools

This plugin relies on Twitter Toolsby Alex King. You must install that plugin to take advantage of sending your URLs to

This plugin is based off code from Viper007Bond, from the WordPress Plugins site – in fact it’s pretty much a direct rip of his/her work! Because of the very slight change to the API, I’ve only had to change a few things to make this work.

**Updated to fix a bug with authenticating login/API key 09/07/15

Download: twitter-tools-supr-links or see the official WordPress Plugins page.

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  • Is there a way to create a “tweet this” link automatically on each post? (see any post on my blog for an example).

    I’d love to have people “tweet” the link instead of just the /?p=…

  • Jon Rogers

    Yeah, not that I know of, I’m afraid. There are probably “tweet this” plugins that could be changed to use, but it’s not something I’ve put on my blog at all.

  • I’m having trouble getting this thing validated. I put in the API key and username as it appears on my account and I’m getting the error “Your credentials are invalid. Please double-check them.” on the plugin. Ideas?

  • Jon

    Really looking forward to using this, but I’m running into a problem with the API key. I filled in my key but it says the credentials are invalid. I know it’s the right key because I took it right from and it works for the official plugin.

    Any ideas?

  • I’ve got the fix for that – it was testing the login with a url that didn’t exist – oops!

    I’ve posted an updated version, give it a while to get onto the public side of wordpress, or grab it from here.

  • Well this is a great idea, but it doesn’t seem to work with WP 2.8.2.

    By this, I mean that the plugins Settings menu does not appear. Would be interested in seeing this get fixed.



  • Jon Rogers

    That’s weird. I only just updated today, but I have the menu there – take a look at the screenshot below:
    Can you give me any more details on what’s happening?

  • The account settings for moved. In the download package you have / when it was changed to / With that said, I can’t get the links to work. Twitter Tools pulls the post, but no clickable link is active on Twitter. Not sure why.

  • Jon Rogers

    Thanks – I’ve just tagged an updated version with the correct link in.

  • Hi,

    I think I found a bug on your plugin for people who are using to shorten their urls with their domain name on

    When I create a post the link that is send to twitter is:

    And the correct should be:

    Take a look and see if this is happen to you or other people, at least is happening to me.

    Take care

  • Jon Rogers

    Ah. A feature I’ve not tried on this site. I’ll take a look at the API to see if it’s possible to implement and have a go. Thanks for the tip!

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