Undying Love?

It’s funny the things that stick in my head and prompt me to write a blog post. Take yesterday for example: just a couple of words from a prayer in an open time of worship at church. The lady thanked Jesus for his “undying love” for us and promised her undying love in return. Now […]

Fearing God

Why is it that my brain switches on whenever I get in the shower in the evening? It never does that in the morning! All sorts of things go through my mind, seemingly completely unconnected with whatever’s gone on in the day – ideas for blog posts, questions about books that I read, even ideas […]

Love is il/logical

Is love logical or illogical? In my usual, slightly perverse manner I replied ‘Yes’. Love that’s not logical has not been thought through. Love needs to be wrestled with, it engages the whole person. A love that is not logical might be irrational, not thought through, not deep, just a whim, passing. It may be […]