Love is il/logical

Is love logical or illogical? In my usual, slightly perverse manner I replied ‘Yes’.

Love that’s not logical has not been thought through. Love needs to be wrestled with, it engages the whole person. A love that is not logical might be irrational, not thought through, not deep, just a whim, passing. It may be no more than infatuation, a crush, lust. It’s not really real love.

Love that’s just logical is little more than a scheme. It’s planned, clinical, cold. Love that’s just logical might be an infatuation, just a fixation on the idea of loving. It has to engaged the whole person. Love that’s just logical is all in your head – it’s not love at all.

Love is il/logical.

Perhaps you’re surprised that love is a paradox. Like so many things the more you look at it the less simple it becomes. Would it be love if it it could be reduced to a formula? Could you let love be written off as mere emotion if you’ve truly experienced it?