Love is il/logical

Is love logical or illogical? In my usual, slightly perverse manner I replied ‘Yes’.

Love that’s not logical has not been thought through. Love needs to be wrestled with, it engages the whole person. A love that is not logical might be irrational, not thought through, not deep, just a whim, passing. It may be no more than infatuation, a crush, lust. It’s not really real love.

Love that’s just logical is little more than a scheme. It’s planned, clinical, cold. Love that’s just logical might be an infatuation, just a fixation on the idea of loving. It has to engaged the whole person. Love that’s just logical is all in your head – it’s not love at all.

Love is il/logical.

Perhaps you’re surprised that love is a paradox. Like so many things the more you look at it the less simple it becomes. Would it be love if it it could be reduced to a formula? Could you let love be written off as mere emotion if you’ve truly experienced it?

  • Carla Maria Camargo

    There is no way to describe love. There is no logical or illogical love. Would you be able to tell me what love is?
    Anyway, like what you wrote. I’ll RT it!

  • B mahsa

    Hi.I read your idea and i like to say my opinion.I think every thing is logical or at least is related to logic in a special way.I think if we are able to make reason for loving something it means there is a kind of logic in this loving.