Fixing Faenza theme battery icons for Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal

[Edit: There’s been an update to the Faenza theme in the PPA (version 1.3 now) – install it first, log out and back in before seeing if you really need to do this.] I’ve been using the Faenza theme for years on both my computers, using the ~tiheum ppa to install it automatically. I feel […]

Updating to Ubuntu 12.10

Updating to the next version of Ubuntu is really easy – just type update-manager -d That is, if you haven’t got a setting that only lets you upgrade to LTS (Long Term Support) releases – which if you’re running Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), you probably do. Solution: open the Software Centre, then go to Edit… […]

What I learned from Crashplan on the Raspberry Pi

Maybe you’re bored of the “Crashplan x Raspberry Pi” posting I’ve done lately – sorry and all that, but I hope this might be helpful to someone. The main post has been updated a couple of times, it’s getting a bit messy with edits, so probably if I need to make any more I will […]

What’s a Church Website for?

I had an email conversation with a member of our church over an article talking about church websites. The article prompted me to question whether we had ever thought about the purpose of our website and whether it matched what the article was saying. One purpose that the article seemed to suggest was that it […]

Feedly on Android ICS

Feedly does work on ICS, with only one little trick. When you open the Feedly app, turn the phone from portrait to landscape and back again. Simples, as a small furry advertising agent might say. I use Feedly both on the web (for desktop) and my phone to keep up with all my Google Reader feeds. […]

Crashplan on the Raspberry Pi

[edit: With a new release of Java 8 for ARM by Oracle, performance can be radically improved – see the post on – and thanks for telling me about it in the comments, Brad!] [edit: I’ve updated a few commands that I didn’t get quite right initially, and then a new Linux image for the Raspberry […]

Backing Up – You Really Shouldn’t Ignore This!

This is a geeky one – in case you forgot that I’m like that! It’s World Backup Day – an annual reminder that computers are not infallible and that if you don’t back up your precious documents, photos and other files, you will one day lose them. I know it sounds doom and gloom, but it’s true […]