Fixing Faenza theme battery icons for Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal

[Edit: There’s been an update to the Faenza theme in the PPA (version 1.3 now) – install it first, log out and back in before seeing if you really need to do this.]

I’ve been using the Faenza theme for years on both my computers, using the ~tiheum ppa to install it automatically. I feel that the subtle squareness suits the unity bar really well. So I upgraded to the latest Ubuntu (12.10, codenamed Quantal Quetzal. I know, I know…) and found a problem. The battery icon was ugly when charging, but fine when not plugged in. Pedant and perfectionist that I am, I had to fix it – and if you have the same problem, make it easy for you to do the same.

The problem is not that the Faenza theme doesn’t have the right icons – it does, but they’re not getting selected because of a change in the way app indicators look for the right icon. They now look first for icons with the sufix “-symbolic” and for some reason don’t find the icons that have always worked for Faenza. So it’s a simple as creating the right sym-links to make it all work.

The script does the same thing for two folders, Faenza and Faenza-Dark, going to the subfolder /status/24 and creating a bunch of links to the icons that are already there so that the indicator-power finds them when the power state changes.

To run the script, in case you’re not sure, download it and open up the Terminal. Make sure you know what folder it’s saved in (for me, it’s Downloads) and type cd Downloads Then type sudo ./ (Thanks to commenter Lithium753 who reminded me to add this in!) That should do it, though you may need to either log out and back in, or change icon themes to something else and back to Faenza to see the difference. Also, try unplugging and re-connecting the power supply before asking for help in the comments. If you do need help, please let me know what output the script gave, copy and paste from the terminal.

Hope it’s helpful to someone! Please leave a comment if you try it, especially if you have a problem or if it doesn’t fix it for you.

Download the script to fix Faenza battery icons