Auto-backup a USB drive

No apologies for how infrequently I blog here – if you look carefully online you’ll find I have another blog that is all about my teaching of Computing. This post is another solution for linux that may be helpful to others. Like many people, my wife uses a USB stick to transfer files she’s been working […]

Where to begin?

As often seems to happen to me, something’s happening in church and I’m off thinking about something else all together. So Doug was introducing his talk on the “ten words” using the same kind of narrative framework that people like Tom Wright have popularised, the kind of six-act drama that begins with creation and the fall […]

McLuhan, Medium and Message

A tweet from Kester Brewin got me thinking about Marshal McLuhan – then I started but didn’t finish this post. The medium is more important than we realise. Not sure it *is* the message, but the message is surely more than data. Form is vital. — Kester Brewin (@kesterbrewin) May 11, 2013 @kesterbrewin McLuhan is surely […]

On Holocaust Memorial Day

First of all, I know I’m a day late actually typing this up and publishing, but it’s what I was thinking about and is worth writing. I don’t really know if anyone realised when planning the series that the passage preached on at Canley Community Church would be so perfect for Holocaust Memorial day – […]

They placed him in a manger…

The nativity story is probably the best known Bible story, so it’s the one that’s most augmented. Pretty much every primary school on the planet is trying to do a different nativity play, a different spin on what we’ve heard every year since we were in the play ourselves. And every year there’s a sermon […]

St Paul gatecrashes Remembrance Sunday

If St Paul arrived in London this morning, he might start his sermon like this: “I can see that you are a very superstitious nation, that you worship an ‘unknown warrior’. He was one among millions Whose lives were spent defending ‘king and country’, Spent for a home and an empire that passed away. Let […]

Fixing Faenza theme battery icons for Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal

[Edit: There’s been an update to the Faenza theme in the PPA (version 1.3 now) – install it first, log out and back in before seeing if you really need to do this.] I’ve been using the Faenza theme for years on both my computers, using the ~tiheum ppa to install it automatically. I feel […]

Updating to Ubuntu 12.10

Updating to the next version of Ubuntu is really easy – just type update-manager -d That is, if you haven’t got a setting that only lets you upgrade to LTS (Long Term Support) releases – which if you’re running Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), you probably do. Solution: open the Software Centre, then go to Edit… […]

What I learned from Crashplan on the Raspberry Pi

Maybe you’re bored of the “Crashplan x Raspberry Pi” posting I’ve done lately – sorry and all that, but I hope this might be helpful to someone. The main post has been updated a couple of times, it’s getting a bit messy with edits, so probably if I need to make any more I will […]

What’s a Church Website for?

I had an email conversation with a member of our church over an article talking about church websites. The article prompted me to question whether we had ever thought about the purpose of our website and whether it matched what the article was saying. One purpose that the article seemed to suggest was that it […]