“Counter-cultural” isn’t enough

Maybe it’s a natural result of being a part of a conservative, even ‘fundamentalist’ group. Maybe it’s a result of the ‘culture wars’ – even ‘across the pond’ here in the UK, the language and attitudes are contagious. Whatever the reason, when I hear that something is ‘counter-cultural’, there’s a part of me that wants […]

Feedly on Android ICS

Feedly does work on ICS, with only one little trick. When you open the Feedly app, turn the phone from portrait to landscape and back again. Simples, as a small furry advertising agent might say. I use Feedly both on the web (for desktop) and my phone to keep up with all my Google Reader feeds. […]

Crashplan on the Raspberry Pi

[edit: With a new release of Java 8 for ARM by Oracle, performance can be radically improved – see the post on Bionoren.com – and thanks for telling me about it in the comments, Brad!] [edit: I’ve updated a few commands that I didn’t get quite right initially, and then a new Linux image for the Raspberry […]

Drawbacks of a Really Flat Church

I’ve been blogging about Valve, their leaderless structure and how that might work out in church over the last week or two, first with an overview, then looking at what I perceive to be strengths of this kind of holy anarchy. As with any idea, there are minuses as well as pluses to what I’ve […]

Strengths of a Really Flat Church

Last week I blogged about the Valve handbook and how it brought up the idea of a completely flat, anarchic, leaderless organisation. It’s not just a concept, this is a highly successful company. So the question for me is what can we learn from Valve in the church? Could there be a church with the […]

Non-hierarchy at Valve – and in church?

The employee handbook from games company Valve was released on the internet this week and I found it via a blog post from Seth Godin. He says it describes the ‘post-industrial method of management’ – a way of organising a company that is radically non-hierarchical. Almost every organisation in the world operates with managers and managers […]

Deconstruction: I do not think it means what you think it means.

Dear Christian World, Deconstruction. ‘You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.’ httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2y8Sx4B2Sk What it doesn’t mean It seems that Christians often use the word ‘deconstruction’ to describe an experience when assumptions and beliefs seem to come to pieces, where questioning and doubt become more natural than […]

Ending on a Cliff-hanger

As I discussed in my last post, Marks Gospel ends in a strange way, with the women fleeing the empty tomb in bewilderment and fear. What happens next? It’s the ultimate cliff-hanger ending. Mark 16:8 is the last verse of the in the oldest manuscripts. Our Bibles have some follow up verses, but they’re very […]

Resurrection Isn’t Easy

The resurrection accounts in the gospels may not perfectly match each other in every detail, but a very human detail rings true from each: no one expected that it wasn’t all over. What we call Holy Saturday was the Sabbath of Passover, was the day that the women waited, unable to do anything, unable to […]

Good Friday Reflections – the Way of the Cross

Today is Good Friday when as Christians we reflect on the day when Jesus was killed. At Canley Community Church, we are reflecting on this day by following the story of that day through scripture readings, images and other media. For Jews of Jesus time (and today), a day starts in the evening and ends […]