Feedly on Android ICS

Feedly does work on ICS, with only one little trick. When you open the Feedly app, turn the phone from portrait to landscape and back again. Simples, as a small furry advertising agent might say.

I use Feedly both on the web (for desktop) and my phone to keep up with all my Google Reader feeds. I prefer the interface to the one Google provides, especially the ability to open an article in the same app, not fire up a separate browser. I also like their recommended articles to browse through if I’m lacking a bit of inspiration!

I’d been using it for months when I updated my Samsung Galaxy S2 to Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android (at the moment).  I had no idea that ICS would break Feedly – the app appears to freeze when it first opens. I’m not the only one that this affects, lots of others have complained, and despite several updates to the app, Feedly have not bothered to fix it. For a while I tried other apps, but I just plain prefer Feedly, so I looked around for work-arounds. I didn’t find anything from Feedly themselves, but on the reviews part of the Google Play store, I discovered a couple. The first was changing theme when the app starts – too much faff, not a long term solution. Reading on,  I came to the one above – sorry, I’ve lost the link and name of the person who recommended it. Annoying, but workable, I can keep using Feedly!

Anyway, if anyone at Feedly finds this and reads through to the bottom, please fix this annoying bug! Hopefully this will help someone else who is annoyed by your great app not working properly, but seriously, ICS has been out for almost a year now!