Riots and ‘The Other’

As the spectre of violence has loomed over England and perhaps calmed a little (it’s still too soon to know for sure), some more considered reflection on the events and our responses is called for. The first reflection that is important is the ‘otherness’ language that is being used. The principle of Oak Hill College […]

Finding a release – why we riot

I don’t recognise this London, this England. It’s not the country and city that I love. But Britons feel under pressure. The economy, job cuts, benefit cuts, fear, bad news. The pressure gets to everyone, whether they have personally lost their job or had their income cut. The media amplifies the pressure and makes all […]

Justice and Revenge in the Epic of Osama

I woke up this morning to the headline “Osama Bin Laden is dead”. President Obama declares “Justice has been done”. Has it? It sounds like the kind of justice Holywood loves, the kind of redemptive violence that makes good action┬ámove. It’s the type of justice that has been doing the rounds since ancient Babylon. And […]