Good Friday Reflections – the Way of the Cross

Today is Good Friday when as Christians we reflect on the day when Jesus was killed. At Canley Community Church, we are reflecting on this day by following the story of that day through scripture readings, images and other media.

For Jews of Jesus time (and today), a day starts in the evening and ends the next evening, rather than starting in the morning as we would count it. We begin our reflection in the garden of Gethsemane, after the last supper and the first communion meal, as Jesus prays, knowing what is about to happen. We will follow through the night, into the afternoon as Jesus is crucified and buried. This is the the path set out in the ‘Scriptural Way of the Cross’, as celebrated by the previous Pope and this one, using fourteen readings to guide us through the day. Finishing in garden of burial, we await the resurrection of Jesus on Easter day, celebrating communion together in the darkness and loss of that day.

Please use the images and suggestions for music and physical items in the prezi below to help you reflect on Good Friday.