Teachers strike – not just another day off!

I’ve been involved in the Tamworth teachers’ strike today – the big two unions, five secondary schools, of which QEMS was the only one to stay open. the NUT met at QEMS then went down to the Assemby Rooms in the town centre for some speeches and the TV crews. I’m sure you’ll see us on at least the local news tonight and in the Educational Supplements this week.


So why strike? The LA has put into place plans for an academy and a BSF proposal. QEMS was fighting for it’s life earlier this year and the latest proposal keeps it open, but closes all of the sixth-forms in all the schools to create a new academy run centre. How this is supposed to develop diversity of choice for students is beyond all of us! The loss of post-16 teaching for schools will totally change the character of the school and the nature of the job of teaching in it, as well as affecting the lives of the children we spend our lives working for. Striking is not an option that any teacher likes to take, but it feels like the last one left at this stage.

HOTS is an organisation of parents that have made a huge stand over this issue and are now putting up candidates for the local council election in June. Please vote for them if you can!