MP3s from Youtube

I’ve been working with kids at school to make music videos as part of our activity week. Most of them brought me CDs to rip the music track off, but a few hadn’t got it with them. So youtube to the rescue!

First of all, the “All-in-one video bookmarklet” from to download an flv or an mp4. flv is best if you want an actual mp3 for Windows Movie Maker, because most flv videos have the audio already stored as mp3.

Now it’s downloaded, and since I’m on Ubuntu, I use ffmpeg to stream just the audio from the video – way faster than using the “nice gui” of vlc!

ffmpeg -i inputfile.flv -acodec copy output.mp3

It takes less than a second and gives a perfect mp3, dead easy.

(via ubuntuforums)