Samsung Galaxy S II and Banshee

Today a shiny new toy arrived in the post for me – a Samsung Galaxy S II. High on my priority list was transferring my music across to the phone. My N900 was very easy to sync – some how I’d got into using Songbird a long time ago, but I don’t use it much any more. Ubuntu has moved to Banshee from Rhythmbox as the default media player, so I decided to use that. I imported the playlist that contained the music I didn’t want synced and plugged in the phone.

First problem is that Samsung phones default to trying to connect to the Kies software suite – which of course is not running on Ubuntu. A little searching turns up that I need to change a setting to make it connect in ‘Mass Storage’ mode – in Settings -> Applications -> Development. Although it looks scary with the warning messages, ###

Next, I find that the phone does not show up in Banshee. Again, some simple searching turns up a simple solution. Create a blank text file called ‘.is_audio_player’ (without any quotes, of course, and don’t forget the leading dot) and add text to it:


Now Banshee sees it properly and will allow me to sync. Now I just need an SDHC card, I’ve got far too much music to fit anything else on there…

  • Thank you very much! I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S II and I’d been looking everywhere for a way to sync it with Banshee. After following your tutorial I got it working flawlessly. Thanks.

  • Great, guy!

  • Guest

    Thanks very much!  This completely worked for me!

  • You didn’t mention where to create the .is_audio_player file. It goes on the device/phone.

  • Anonymous

    It goes on the phone or SD card when it mounts on the computer, in the root directory of the mount. Hope that helps!

  • Works great but some reason I have to open the phone folder/drive for banshee finds it

  • Anonymous

    Strange – I’ve never had that problem, sorry I can’t help. If you find a solution, come back and post it here, please.

  • Ajarmc

    Thanks for awesome post… unfortuntely, i have issue…. I am getting the below mentioned error 🙁

    “Error initialising camera: -60: Could not lock the device”