The Inverted Panopticon and writing for @Provoketive Magazine

I’ve written a post for Provokotive Magazine touching on Michel Foucault and the shift in power that the use of mobile phones and other highly portable video recorders has made in the protests this year. The all-seeing ‘panopticon’ has been inverted and state surveillance has almost been overtaken by the people providing their own view of events and the actions of the police.
It’s really exciting to have my writing published by another site, bringing my thinking to a new, mainly US based audience. I hope that it will also demonstrate my attitude and passion as I’m applying for new jobs in the next few months. I’ll have more posts published there very soon – including an advent series that will be starting today! I’ll keep linking to what I’ve written there from this blog and I’d love to see your comments on what I’ve done on either site.